Dana Marcus is a dancer, choreographer, Pilates and contemporary dance teacher, producer and rehearsal director.


She was born and raised in Ramot Hashavim village and began her dance training in the Tze’adim Studio for Dance and Performing Art. She graduated from the Kfar-Sava's Herzog High School Dance Department and she continued to the Bat-Sheva Dance Company Excellence Program for Outstanding Dance Students.

Dana served in the IDF for three years. She then joined Oren Tishler and Tamar Lerner’s dance group in Kibbutz Ramat Hashofet.

Dana received her professional training at the Ga'aton Dance Workshop for professional dancers and later at the Vertigo International Dance Program of the Vertigo Dance Company.

As an independent dancer, she has performed with the Bizarre Dance Ensemble under the direction of Kelly Ayache, the Israel Opera and in works by choreographers Seline Baumgartner, Sharon Fridman, Abigail Ilan and Sally Anne Friedland.

From 2017, she began to create her works independently for various festivals and stages in Israel and around the world, including the Israeli festivals Shades in Dance, Curtain Up, and Jaffa to Agrippas, Copenhagen International Choreography Competition, Diversia Festival in Russia, DanceLab in Macedonia, and more.


Simultaneously with her choreographic work, Dana functioned as a producer and an artistic director of the "Blender" events of combining arts and continues to produce these events in the present.


Dana's pieces examine the relationships between images and people in different ways. Her work is characterized mainly by the research of movement based on the contact method and partnering. It deals with the meaning of body weight, direction of movements, speed, body manipulation when moving together, and how the other body's memory of the individual is expressed when moving alone.