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Pink Smoke

By Dana Marcus

  • Dancers: Oz MUlay and Ofri Mantel

  • Soundtrack design: Noam Helfer

  • Light design: Nadav Barnea

  • Costumes: Shir Kerman

  • Photos: Gennady Tashlosky

  • Duration : 20 min

  • Premiere: Novrmber 2019

He and she as a parable about a ruler and people.

He, about the unwavering desire to continue to rule, loss of the road and the ongoing manipulation, and she, about absorption, thumping and blurring the memory that other options exist.

Pink Smoke was created and premiered at the Curtain Up Festival 2019 at the Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv.


The work was supported by The Ministry of Culture and Sport of Israel.


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